Ecolead Technology(Nanjing) Co.,Ltd. is a leading enviromental technology for air filters. We supply air filters,clean room products, auto roll filters for Biomedicine (GMP workshop), hospitals and other places of harsh cleanliness levels, Microelectronics, chip manufacturing, photovoltaic, LCD and other clean high-field, Food health products processing, beverage manufacturing and other food safety control, Automotive Painting, Cosmetics Crafts Painting System Control, Corrosive gases and toxic and harmful gases control and emissions, PM2.5 indoor air purification solutions,etc.

Ecolead adheres to the enterprise culture of forge ahead and aggressiveness, does not rigidly adhere to the existing forms of products and services, continuously innovates and changes in the work, actively expands the new field of business, opens up new ideas, new technologies, new products and new Service and ongoing R & D activities to meet the growing demand for air filtration solutions to protect human health, help customers improve product quality, meet tighter energy efficiency and sustainability standards, and cater to high-tech air filtration solutions The needs of the program. In the field of existing mature products, we still continue to promote new research to achieve products more perfect goal. Ecolead provides tens of thousands of high-performance junior high-efficiency air filters and air purification equipment to customers in China and abroad through direct sales teams and distribution channels.

Auto Roll Filers

Automatic roller filter box used in the paint mist treatment, the purification of paint fog environmental protection equipment. Is the traditional water tower or water mist paint process and products an effective complement and alternative products. Can be equipped with multi-stage purification efficiency, post-maintenance costs low, no secondary pollution, unique patented equipment, replacement and maintenance is very convenient. Cooperating with a number of environmental protection enterprises in the central and eastern regions, the Company has played a key role in handling a number of paint mist treatment discharge standards.

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